ColorPack Blue Layers

ColorPack Blue Layers

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From Jenks Hatchery:

"This breed is a proprietary high production Columbian Cream Legbar cross of which will yield 290+ stark blue eggs per year.

"Pullet chicks are brown with dark stripes and resemble Columbian Cream Legbar chicks.

"Most hens will feather out to be a rust or reddish brown color, with some darker striping, closely resembling their Cream Legbar ancestry, but some may also be cream colored. Thanks to the Cream Legbar traits, ColorPack hens will develop a top crest.

"ColorPack cockerel chicks are typically very muted in color, have no barring or mottling, or are just solid yellow, while roosters, may feather out to be multicolored, solid colored, and even white with some black striping.

"The reason that we refer to our breedline as the ColorPack, is because this breed will make a perfect addition to your colored egg assortment of layers, truly helping you achieve a “colorpack” carton of eggs. As a play on our original ColorPack line, the ColorPack Blue lays only blue eggs and is the result of isolating a line from the original ColorPack line, and selectively breeding and selecting for the blue egg laying traits derived from the original ColorPack."