Pro Poultry Grazer Netting

Pro Poultry Grazer Netting

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PowerFields Self Grounding

40"T x 82'L, Electric Netting, Positive/Negative Electric Poultry Pen Provides The Ultimate Predator Protection For Your Chickens, 10 Horizontal Lines With 7 Fiberglass Double Spiked Step In Posts, Posts Are Integrated Into The Netting, Semi-Rigid Vertical Stays With 3-1/2", Line Spacing Provide Stability & Help Prevent Drooping Between Posts, Nets May Be Easily Joined Together, To Prevent Electrical Shorting During Weed Growth, Bottom Line Is Non-Conductive, Positive/Negative Set Up Eliminates The Need For A Ground Rod, Stainless Steel Conductors Will Not Rust.

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